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Who is the Jellyfish

Play Wie is de Mol

Perhaps you have seen the nerve-wrecking television show “Wie is de Mol?”. In this TV game show participants must complete assignments to win a pot of money, but are sabotaged by the Mole. Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be the Mole or a contestor after seeing the show? Is it really that difficult and frustrating to find out who the Mole is? Beleving aan Zee offers you the opportunity to experience it for yourself! "Who is the Jellyfish?" is an exciting game in which several assignments are carried out in teams and at the same time the Jellyfish is being hunted. The assignments are challenging, exciting and intriguing. With a good portion of inventiveness, stress resistance, intelligence, insight, guts and above all people-knowledge, you might be able to crack the game!

'Who is the Jellyfish' by Beleving aan Zee

By carrying out the challenging assignments, the candidates can earn (fake) money. Collaboration and trust are crucial! But with the presence of the Jellyfish - a saboteur - in the group, this is not easy. Who the Jellyfish is? Nobody knows... Only a smart and attentive viewer can discover where and how the Jellyfish sabotages the assignments. At the end of the game, all candidates are subjected to the most exciting part of the game: a test with questions about the identity and the doings of the Jellyfish. The candidate who knows the least is out, except for the Jellyfish who somehow never loses. The person who answers most of the questions correctly and unmasks the Jellyfish, wins all the money!

Was it the manager of the team after all? Or was it that sneaky uncle? Or is it you perhaps?

Fully organized team day

"Who is the Jellyfish?" can be played outside on the beach in Scheveningen, The Hague or inside a beach club of your liking. The suspense game lasts about 2 hours. This event can be combined with a lunch or BBQ at one of the beach clubs we partner with.

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Beleving aan zee has thought along with us from the start and put together a super fun program for us. The participants experienced this day as a very fun afternoon with challenging sporting activities. Young and old enjoyed the various activities, but there was also time to relax, just as we requested. All this ended with a delicious BBQ. Thank you Jeroen and his team for the fun day! Greetings PV The Safety Network
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  • Scheveningen + more beach locations on the South Holland coast
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