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Beach Games

Teambuilding Indoor

Groupactivities Indoor? Beach Games or Track and Field are an action-packed day at the beach, but indoor. Full of sports and laughter! Select your favorite Beach Games activities from the list below. Brought to you by dutch event organization agency 'Beleving aan Zee'. The Beach Games team activities by 'Beleving aan Zee' are an approved way to undertake sporting activities. To have fun, create companionship and at the same time build team spirit.

Team activities The Hague - Scheveningen

Depending on your personal needs, or also the magnitude of your companionship, the activities at the beach can be customized and adjusted to your specific needs. To tailor make your Beach Games is easy. Simply by adding or excluding certain elements (games) you compose your own Track and Field course. To give you an idea of the possibilities and activities of 'Experience at Sea' we have listed some below.

We at 'Beleving aan Zee' are happy to advise you when selecting the best games for you and your group. If further inquiries are needed about a specific game, please feel free to contact 'Beleving aan Zee'. Of course adjustments, for instance due to bad weather conditions, are always possible at the day itself. This way we preserve the aspect of safety and fun we hold dearly. We will provide the equipment, the tournament time-schedule also the proper accompanying by a qualified supervisor from our team. In short, an action packed day at the beach for a successful business outing, bachelor(ette) party, leisure activity or family day!

The various Track and Field elements, or Beach Games activities, at 'Beleving aan Zee' are listed here

The Beach Games consist of a selection of the following games:

  • Pole Slinging
  • Ski Walking
  • Beach Soccer
  • Tug of War
  • Tactical Tug of War
  • Water Race (‘splashing’ team building)
  • Riddles
  • Frisbee +
  • Helium Cane
  • Catapult
  • Quiet Chaos (blindfolded teamplay)
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Hammer and nails (quiz your knowledge!)
  • Flying Carpet (1, 2, 3… jump!)
  • The Caterpillar
  • Bamboo Building (the sky's the limit)
  • Wobbly Tables (blind labyrinth)
  • Walking A (teambuilding, power and balance)

Our company outings

Famous TV-format

Expedition RobinSun

Mole Game

Who is the Jellyfish

Do you have what it takes?

Escape The Beach

Fun speeddating!

REmeet for companies

Full arrangements

Company Festival



Win the Gold

Road to El Dorado

Active & challenging!

Power Kiting

Houdt het hoofd koel

Beroof de bank!

Easy, fun and semi-active

Cornhole workshop

Become Robin Hood!

Archery Tag

Famous TV-format

Expedition Scheveningen


Disc Golf




Sand Sculptures

Sporty beach activity!

Beach Games

Solve a murder!


Put on that kilt!

Highland Games

To put on your wall!


Move those hips!


Crack your brain!



Walking Tour

Downward facing dog?

Yoga on the Beach

Smash & attack!

Beach Volleyball

Crack your brain!


Feel the rhythm!


Tasty and fun!

Cocktail Shaking


Bicycle Tour

Practice your poker face!


Sporty beach activity!

Indoor Beach Games

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