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From board game to an active experience at the beach

Perhaps you know the traditional board game: Cluedo. The game in which someone has been killed and the participants need to figure out as soon as possible where, by whom and with what weapon the murder has been committed. Experience at Sea has transformed this board game into a suitable team event on the beach, called Sherlock. The game has been given a true beach twist!

Search for the right composition with your team, by gathering information from your opponents and be the first to guess the right combination: who, with what, where? By collaborating properly and by playing the game strategically, your team can have a bigger shot at winning Sherlock.

Original team event in which cooperation, having fun and tactical play are key

Sherlock is very suitable as a team event, company outing, bachelor party or as a teambuilding exercise for groups of friends, families and so forth. This beach activity has a flexible implementation with various game components, some of which are active and others semi-active. The communication and collaboration within the teams are tested to the fullest. The tactical part also plays an important role in this game, in order to find out what the right combination is. There are several qualities that can be very useful in playing Sherlock. Find out what the qualities of your teammates are!

Experience at Sea organizes Sherlock

This event can take place at Hoek van Holland, Scheveningen and Noordwijk. Sherlock can be played outside on the beach, but also inside of a beachclub and the duration of the activity is approximately 1.5 hours. Complement Sherlock with a drinks, lunch or dinner arrangement at one of the beachclubs we work with. Experience at Sea will advise you on making the right choices, taking your wishes for the event into account.

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