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Cocktail Shaking

Shake your own cocktail at the beach 

A cool refreshing drink in your hand. With your feet in the sand. And plenty of time for laughter with friends and/or colleagues and a beautiful ocean view at the same time. Shake it!
Enjoy the fresh flavors and taste of your self-made cocktails at this cocktail shaking event at Scheveningen Beach! The workshop Cocktail Shaking is a relaxing, enjoyable, and an informative workshop. As well as an informal day at the beach. Excellent for a business outing with the team, or a stag party with friends.

About the workshop Cocktail Shaking at Scheveningen

Exactly where and how did the concept of cocktail shaking arise and when was it founded? How to properly shake a perfect cocktail? Learn how to shake your personal cocktail. Get familiar with a variety of mixing techniques, ingredients and festive garnish. If desired, we can also prepare non- alcoholic cocktails. This custom workshop takes approximately 1.5 hours. In which you will make two delicious cocktails for personal consumption. An additional quiz can also provided.

Corporate Event? Business meeting. Receive clients? 

This workshop is held at one of the many beach clubs that 'Beleving aan Zee' has preferred partnership with. There are many different styles of beach houses, and we will find one which will fit your corporate identity or specific personal taste. 

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Did a cocktail workshop with 11 ladies. It was very fun and delicious! The organization was well organized and we had a very nice afternoon!

Monique Schillemans

What a nice company: Beleving aan Zee! Previously less good experience with another company, but here they really know how to arrange and support!! Fun activities, thinking along with the program, active presence on the day itself, nice and fast communication! (Flexible in interim adjustments). We were lucky to have Chimene, Charlotte and Alberto as hosts, they really made it a party. Switched from an outdoor to an indoor program without any problems due to the weather. I would love to embark on a new "seaside experience" with them! (Activities: Robinson at the table, cocktail workshop)

Amanda Zijl

Did a salsa workshop and cocktail workshop. It was a lot of fun and easy to follow! An occasional joke in between made it very enjoyable and there was a nice atmosphere!

Itzel van der Bol

As a staff outing we participated in the cocktail workshop. We had a very nice afternoon! We made two cocktails and were also given time to drink them slowly. The contact with Jeroen before and after the workshop was also very relaxed and pleasant. I will definitely remember Experience by the Sea!

Marije Klever

In August we did two very fun workshops, power kiting and cocktail making, at Jeroen (experience at the sea) for my best friend's bachelor party. Even before we started we had to rely on Jeroen's flexibility, we were much late because our planning was overdue. Fortunately, Jeroen doesn't have any problem with this! Power kiting was a fun activity that everyone could participate in, including pregnant or less sporty people ;), but which provided enough challenge so that there was enough excitement for those who wanted more of a challenge! Making cocktails and the accompanying explanation were hilarious! And the cocktails tasted really good too! We had a fantastic afternoon and evening, with a good, clear but above all enthusiastic supervisor!

Anouk van Vliet

We had a wonderful cocktail workshop on the beach during a bachelorette party. Very well organized and very pleasant!

Verena Lenk

Had a great day with a group of girls. First we cycled around and later we took a cocktail shake and salsa lesson. Everyone was thrilled! Highly recommended.


Had a super cool bachelor party with 17 ladies at Escubelle! We shook cocktails and danced salsa! Jeroen and Joeri really gave us a great day, they are fun, funny and flexible, they also drank delicious cocktails and had cool salsa lessons! The bride to be had a great day! Recommended!!!! Greetings and have a nice summer Joyce....
  • Specialist company outings & corporate events
  • Team building & fun guaranteed
  • Scheveningen + more beach locations on the South Holland coast
  • Large groups: 500+ people
  • Something for all participants. Everyone enjoy!

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