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Painting at Scheveningen beach 

A relaxed and casual workshop Painting in which we will be teaching you various painting skills and different painting techniques. Will you become the next Rembrandt, Bob Ross or Van Gogh?

About the Painting Workshop in Scheveningen

In this workshop we will be teaching you all the basics of painting on canvas. This painting workshop will be performed at a picturesque outdoor location in the beach area in The Hague, Scheveningen. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

The workshop is suitable to include a large group of people. But also very suitable for smaller groups.The group can create a masterpiece on one canvas as a team and playfully improve team spirit. Excellent idea for a business outing. Of course you can also be working as an individual on a private canvas.

Additional Information Painting Workshop

At this Painting Workshop we offer various locations on the beach outdoors, or a fixed indoor location at the beach. Personally we prefer our workshop art to be held on a inspiring outdoor location. This way you can experience the true beauty of the beach and be inspired by amazing and typical sceneries. Under the supervision of our art instructor you will be taught a variation of techniques and steadily guided to a great design. When a joined canvas is being prepared, this will boost team spirit immensely. We at ‘Beleving aan Zee' provide all the necessities/materials for a successful Painting Workshop at sea. You can obviously take home your masterpiece afterwards and enjoy this seaside experience as a souvenir at your house.

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Cocky van Willigenburg

Painted a very cool portrait in three hours at a super location on the beach. Never thought I could do something like that. But Lucienne instructed and assisted us so wonderfully. Really cool. Again in the fall!


Both the organization behind the scenes and the guidance on the day itself were well organized by the people of Beleving aan Zee. We think along with you, respond quickly and are an enthusiastic team. Afterwards, I heard only positive feedback from all three workshop groups (painting, power kiting, RobinZon expedition) and the day ended with a delicious BBQ snack buffet at Copacabana. We had a great afternoon with the department!
  • Specialist company outings & corporate events
  • Team building & fun guaranteed
  • Scheveningen + more beach locations on the South Holland coast
  • Large groups: 500+ people
  • Something for all participants. Everyone enjoy!

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