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Expedition Scheveningen

Expedition Scheveningen The Hague beach area

Experience our version of the world renowned TV-format. Ever fantasized on how it would be to participate in the this popular expedition? Now is your chance to join in! We offer three Expedition Scheveningen versions: budget, complete (full-version) and XL.

Ultimate experience for your bachelorparty in Scheveningen

‘Beleving aan Zee’ (Experience at Sea) offers you the unique opportunity to experience Expedition Robinson at the Scheveningen beach. You will become a Robinson that will be put through various tests. The tests consist of a number of challenges a.o. active games, brain tests and elements that acquire skill. This activity consists of a two hour during program in which you will compete against each other, and the other teams who will be facing different challenges. There are generally two teams (depending on the group size), which will compete head-to-head. Skills such as insight and working as a team are essential. Both physical strength, endurance and intelligence are put to the test. Naturally the famous food test must also be accomplished. 

About the Expedition Scheveningen

All the elements from the popular TV-show are linked together.When the game has just started, vital information is already distributed. Crucial to a successful completion of the game. Be very aware and pay close attention! Have the groups formed, and are the flags in the mast and all the bandanas on the arms? From here on the games will begin!

Which contestant does what task. This is up for the team members to decide. Quickly decide on each other’s talents. Do you have the survivors' talent to make a fire? Are you swift and skilful? Equipped with that special talent of photographic memory? Do you have great intuition and possess gut feeling on where to find your next activity buried underneath the sand? Each individual trait is needed to win. During the game points can be gathered. These points, or credits, are worth Frisbees. The frisbees you will need at the Grande Finale. Here it will be decided upon, who is the true survivor.

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