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Archery Tag

Play Archery Tag at Scheveningen beach

Archery Tag is played with a real bow and prepared arrows topped with a soft foam tip. Archery Tag is a fun and exciting activity in which your team has the special task to eliminate the opponent. It is safe and fun way to aim and shoot at your friends during your bachelor party! A clever strategy with the team is important. Excitement is guaranteed!

For safety the game is played with special masks. The game can be played with 8 participant or more. We start off with some shooting practice, so that everybody can handle a bow and arrow safely. Then it is time for ACTION!

Archery Tag Bachelor Party The Hague Beach Area - Safe activity

Archery Tag is in many ways similar to paintball. Instead of paint patterns, you will use a bow and arrow to shoot with. Because the arrows have been specially prepared, you do not feel pain, but you feel a soft foam tip. To protect the face, to all participants we distribute a face mask, which has to be worn during the game. The mask is a high quality paintball mask. Participants also wear arm protection. The arm protection is to protect your forearm against the string of your bow. In addition, we recommend maintaining a minimum distance of 10 meters between the shooters themselves.

Archery Tag on the beach - bachelor event

First we teach you the technique. Then you enter the battlefield full of obstacles and compete against each other. Experience at Sea organises Archery Tag at the popular beaches of Scheveningen, Kijkduin or at Hoek van Holland. But we can also offer this activity in the dunes or on location. Ask us about the possibilities.

Before we start with the game, we make sure that everyone will have some target practice with bows and is able to handle their instruments and is familiar with the game and safety rules. We have special starter arcs so that the activity is accessible to everyone.

For large groups, we play the game in a tournament format.

Archery Tag variations

This game is offered in different shapes or forms. It can be offered as a complete workshop. In this workshop you can learn to aim and do target practise. Then you enter a tournament battle with the team. They main goal is to eliminate all players from the opposite team by shooting them with the stump arrow. You can also win by shooting all the spots from the target. When the round is finished, the team that has the least spots in his target is the winner! Archery Taq is a very suitable activity for your bachelor party.

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