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Would you like to book an event but still have some questions? Maybe you’ll find the answer below!

Where can I park?

There are several parking areas where you can leave your car. You can find them at the following locations

  • The parking spaces on the Strandweg
  • Parking area Noordelijk Havenhoofd, Strandweg 1
  • Parking area Zwarte Pad
  • Parking garage Nieuwe Parklaan, Parklaan 248
  • Parking garage Strand, Zwolsestraat 426
  • Parking garage Kurhaus, Gevers Deynootplein 189
  • Parking garage Badhuisstraat, Badhuisstraat 410
  • Parking garage Boulevard, Strandweg 179

In summer (from the 1st of March) there is no free parking in Scheveningen. Please take into account that when the weather is sunny and warm the roads towards Scheveningen can be crowded and parking can take longer. Please make sure you schedule in some extra traveling time.

What happens when the weather is not good enough to go outside?

When the weather is really bad there are several possibilities. We always try to reach a satisfying solution for all parties. When it is raining but it will be dry within half an hour, we can postpone the start of the activity - as long as it fits our and your schedule. However, if it is really raining cats and dogs and the original activity cannot take place, we offer fun indoor alternatives.

What should I wear and bring with me?

It’s smart to keep an eye on the weather. It is always a bit cooler at the beach than it is inland. When the sun comes out, make sure you use sunscreen. Since you’re outside a lot it is advisable to wear sunglasses. When it comes to clothing we advise you to wear anything you’d normally wear on the beach, preferably clothing in which you can roam around freely. You won’t get wet or dirty from our activities and workshops. However, you can get a bit sandy, depending on how enthusiastic you are!

Which possibilities and facilities do you have for the disabled?

Most beach clubs are wheelchair accessible since they are on the same floor and/or have a ramp to get inside. A lot of the beach clubs have a toilet for the disabled or a toilet with handles. If this is not the case at the beach club of your choosing, there is always a beach club close by which has possibilities.

Every summer three access paths are built on the beach of Scheveningen towards the sea with a platform at the end. From here you can look out over the shore. You can find these paths at surfing school Hart Beach and beach club De Waterreus; at Carlton Beach Hotel and on the south side of De Pier near the police brigade. Right next to the path at Hart Beach you can also find a beach shower. Beach club Grand Plage gives extra attention to people with a (visual) limitation. This beach club introduces their menu in braille and in big letters.

At Biesieklette you can rent special wheelchairs and walkers to use on the beach. These are available every day at the locations Strandweg Noordboulevard, Strandweg Haven and Kijkduin. Make your reservation via www.biesieklette.nl.

At Biesieklette Strandweg Haven you’ll find several other facilities: parking spaces for the disabled, an accessible shower and changing room, a toilet for disabled and recharging points for electrical wheelchairs and mobility scooters. On top of this you can rent the electrical beach wheelchair Catweazle and a wheelchair bicycle at this location.

When it comes to our activities we’d love to brainstorm with you about how we can involve every participant as well as possible in the game or workshop. If there are participants who have mobility problems or who are in a wheelchair, we can always organise the activity on the terrace of a beach club or on the pavement close to the boulevard, instead of in the sand. We can always figure something out so that each team member can fully participate and contribute to his or her team.

How do I reach the beach of Scheveningen using public transport?

Depending on the beach club or beach location of your event, there are the following options

Tram 11 if you are traveling from station Den Haag Hollands Spoor, tram 11 is a very convenient option if you need to be on the northside of Scheveningen. This tram literally stops at the beach at the tram stop Strandweg, which is not far from the Keizerstraat and the harbours.

Tram 1 if you are traveling from station Den Haag Hollands Spoor and you need to be on the southside of Scheveningen, we advise you to take tram 1. This tram travels all the way towards het Zwarte Pad and also passes The Hague’s city centre and the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.

Tram 9 if you are traveling from station Den Haag Centraal, you can reach the beach very easily using tram 9. This tram continues all the way towards het Noorderstrand. You can get off at the stops Circustheater or the Kurhaus. This tram is convenient if you want to reach a central location in Scheveningen.

Is there a first-aid station close to or on the beach of Scheveningen?

All beach clubs are required to have the standard first-aid materials.

Centrally located on the northern beach of Scheveningen, in between beach clubs BooNooNooNoos and Veronica, you’ll find the rescue post. In case of calamities the lifeguards react immediately. There is also an AED at the rescue post.

Where can I shower or freshen up after an activity?

Most beach clubs have spacious toilets where you can change your clothes and freshen up a bit after an activity if you wish to do so.

From May until September you’ll find several outdoor showers on the beach. On top of that the North Sea can also be very refreshing!

Are you open during the wintertime?

We are open all year round and we’re always ready to organise fun events at the beach. Activities such as power kiting, our walking or bicycle tour through Scheveningen or our cocktail workshop are examples of very suitable events during the winter.

Are there lockers at the beach where I can store my belongings?

When you are participating in an activity, you obviously want to keep your belongings safe. We don’t offer lockers ourselves, but the beach clubs we work with always have a proper spot where you can store your personal items.

Beleving aan Zee cannot be held accountable for the theft or loss of personal belongings.

Food and/or drinks
Where can I have something to eat or drink prior to or after an activity?

If you wish to complement your day out with a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or something else, we are very happy to arrange that for you. We work with several welcoming beach clubs along the boulevard of Scheveningen, het Zuiderstrand and het Zwarte Pad. Every beach club has a different vibe and therefore there will always be a beach club that meets your wishes and desires.

Ask us about the possibilities or let us know which beach club you have in mind!

Which breakfast-, lunch-, dinner- and drinks options are there?

All beach clubs vary a bit when it comes to vibe, menu, quality and price range. Ask us about the possibilities and we will send you a custom-made estimate!

Can you take dietary wishes into account (such as allergies, halal etc.)?

Of course we can! Please let us know about any important dietary wishes at least one week prior to your event. This way the beach club has enough time to prepare everything and to order extra ingredients if necessary.

At the beach club there is always someone present who knows which ingredients are used in the dishes on the menu.

What are the options when it comes to drinking?

When it comes to the drinks there are several possibilities

Post-calculation this means you will receive the invoice for the drinks you consumed afterwards. If desired, we can set a limit to prevent the costs from getting too high. This could come in handy when you have a smaller budget.

Buy out your drinks this means you order a drinks arrangement with a set price. This way you know exactly how much you will pay. You can choose from a selection of drinks.

Coins you can also order a certain amount of coins to pay for your drinks. Let us know how many coins you’d like prior to your event. This way you also know how much you’ll spend on the drinks beforehand.

Workshops / Activities
Is it possible to make non-alcoholic cocktails during the cocktail workshop?

It sure is! If you let us know how many participants would like to make a non-alcoholic cocktail during the workshop one week prior to your event, we will make sure all the necessary ingredients are there.

What is the difference between Expedition Scheveningen Budget, Complete and XL?

The difference between the three varieties we offer lies in the price, the duration and the amount of challenges during the activity. Expedition Scheveningen Budget consists of 6 tests, the duration is 1.5 hours and this Expedition is the cheapest. The Complete version consists of 8 tests, the duration is 2 hours and is therefore more extensive. Expedition Scheveningen XL is the most extensive version with 10 tests and a duration of 3 hours.

Depending on your budget and programme, you can decide which one of the three versions you prefer. We always add a brochure in our email in which the differences between the varieties are illustrated even more.

Can we let you know how many participants will be present on the day itself?

No, that is not possible. We ask you to let us know what the final number of participants is at least one week prior to your event. Based on this we finalize the reservation.

Can you organise our transport?

Are you arriving with a large group from somewhere in Holland and is traveling by car or public transport not practical? Do not worry, we can organise transportation for you. 

What’s your booking procedure?

We look forward to hearing from you and we happily offer you a custom-made estimate for you event. Please give us the following information so that your booking runs as smoothly as possible

  • What is the date of your event?
  • How many participants will be present?
  • Which activities and/or workshops would you like to book?
  • Would you like to have anything to eat and/or drink prior to and/or after the activity or workshop?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a specific preference when it comes to the location of your event?

Use the quote forms on our website to book your event or to ask us for more information.

Can I move my booking to a different date?

Yes, that is not a problem. As long as you let us know at least one week prior to the original date, you can move your booking to a different date free of charge.

Can I cancel my booking?

Of course it can occur that your event cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances. In case you wish to cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as possible (at least one week prior to your event) via email or telephone. For more information on cancellation check our Terms and Conditions.

How does the payment work?

We will send you the invoice about one week in advance. Until that time any changes (such as the number of participants or dietary wishes) can still be made. The invoice needs to be paid prior to your event.

If it is not possible to pay beforehand, for example because you choose to keep track of the drinks you order (post-calculation), we will send you the invoice afterwards. This needs to be paid within 2 weeks.

Do you have English or German speaking instructors?

Yes we do!

Can we have a meeting in a closed, exclusive space?

Depending on the beach club of your choosing, exclusive rooms are available. Here you can follow a training programme, brainstorm with each other or have a meeting. We can offer you advise on which beach clubs are suitable for business meetings.

Is there a microphone / beamer / flip-chart present?

This again depends on which beach club you choose. However, most beach clubs with a specific meeting area also offer a microphone, beamer and/or screen and a flip-chart.

  • Specialist company outings & corporate events
  • Team building & fun guaranteed
  • Scheveningen + more beach locations on the South Holland coast
  • Large groups: 500+ people
  • Something for all participants. Everyone enjoy!

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