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Combi Workshops

Combination Workshops

If it is too hard to choose? Have two!
Dear party organizer, planning for a party or a business outing can be a tough job. To make it easier for you, we at 'Experience at Sea’ offer the possibility of combining different workshops. This way as many people as possible will be involved in activities they like. Ideal for diverse and/or large groups.

Or a small budget makes it difficult. Planning for an event can be a difficult task. We at 'Experience at Sea’ have done some pre-selection for you by combining different workshops from our list of beach side events.

On average one workshops will take approximately 1.5 hours. When two workshops are combined, the combined workshop will take up to 2 hours.

Combination of Workshop experiences

Combination workshop 1: Power Kiting/Frisbee Disc Golf
Combination workshop 2: Power Kiting/Percussion workshop (minimum of 20 people)
Combination workshop 3: Power Kiting/Beach Games
Combination workshop 4: Frisbee Disc Golf/Percussion workshop (minimum of 20)
Combination workshop 5: Frisbee Disc Golf/Beach Games
Combination workshop 6: Percussion workshop/Beach Games (minimum of 20)

*Other combinations are always possible, contact us and we will organize a customized combination workshop.

Power Kiting

Always wanted to enjoy the power of kiting? What we will be teaching you at the Power Kite workshop are all the basics of power kiting. Learning about wind, the direction of wind, steering, and control of the kite, are all part of the basics of this powerful kite lesson.

Frisbee or Disc golf

Frisbee or Disc golf is a variation to 'regular' golf. Instead of a ball, a hole and golf clubs, there is a Frisbee used and a so called 'pole hole’. There is a track to be completed in which you have to score points and as little possible throws cast the discs in the pole hole.

Drum Circle / Percussion workshop

Rhythm is as ancient as humanity. And everybody has it. Everybody who sees a drum, has a natural tendency (feels that urge) to play it. Loud! Let it out and let yourself go. At this Percussion Workshop at 'Experience at Sea' we use drums, djembe and cajóns (box-shaped percussion instrument) to collectively catch the groove. We communicate through drums. Improvisation, intuition, collectiveness, creativity and communication skills are at the center of this workshop experience. In the drumcircle we are one.

Beach Games

Hexathlon - Combined events are competitions in which athletes participate in a number of track and field events. Beach Games are the perfect way to create and intensify team spirit in a natural, relaxed and sporty setting. At 'Beleving aan Zee' we offer a fun track and field experience hosted by our spirited instructors.

Cocktail Shaking

The workshop Cocktail Shaking is a relaxing, enjoyable, and an informative workshop, as well as an informal day at the beach. Exactly where and how did the concept of cocktail shaking arise and when was it founded? How to shake a perfect cocktail? Learn how to shake your personal cocktail and enjoy a lovely afternoon with friends/ colleagues at the beach!

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Shereen Hanafi

Professional organization, very responsible and creative in putting together a tailored program.

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