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Beach fun doesn't stop in winter. We love to organise all of our great activities for you throughout the year. Whether you prefer the fresh ocean breeze whilst solving the riddles from our Escape The Beach or if you want to be creative next to a fireplace: we offer fun for all!

Book one of our winter activities combined with an amazing dinner. The dinner consist of pomodori soup with basil pesto or pulled pork in filodough with honey mustard cream, followed by saté from chicken thigh with Balinese peanut sauce, seroendeng and fried onions or veggie fajita: soft tortilla filled with vegetables, guacamole, sriracha sauce (served with mixed salade, fries and mayonaise) and the dessert is crème brûlée. You can add extra workshops, drinks or lunch as well.

What can you book?

If you prefer to stay stay warm inside:

When you love the ocean breeze:

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