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Custom Made Quiz

Looking for a fun and Corona-proof team event? Choose our Custom Made Quiz! Since this live quiz is played online, it is 100 % Corona-proof. There is no maximum amount of participants for this activity, no group is too big!

Cooperation is key in the quiz! In teams you battle against each other: who has the most knowledge at hand? Discuss with your teammates and decide together what your answer is. The winning team earns eternal glory AND a wonderful prize!


How does it work?

We offer you a Custom Made live Quiz which each participant can follow online. The quiz consists of several gamerounds and entails various categories, such as sports, music, general knoledge, history and lots more!

Would you like to add a personalised round with questions about your business or organization? No problem!

The possibilities for this quiz are endless! You can play from the comfort of your own couch at home, but we can also host the quiz in a specially designated space at your office. If you choose to organise the quiz at your location, our enthusiastic quizmasters and technical supporter will meet you there!

Interested? Please contact us for more information!

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