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EXPEDITION ROBINSON XL  Length: maximum 3 hours

When the Expedition Robinson has finished, a commonly heard remark is: "Is it over already!?” This is exactly why we brought in to life The Expedition Robinson XL. In this extended version we added more fun and games, and also the level of the different elements will be intensified to fit the group needs.

The Expedition Robinson XL addition is: 2 more games

About the ultimate XL teambuilding experience at the beach of Scheveningen

‘Beleving aan Zee’ (Experience at Sea) offers you the unique opportunity to experience Expedition Robinson at the Scheveningen beach. You will become a Robinson that will be put through various tests. The tests consist of a number of challenges a.o. active games, brain tests and elements that acquire skill. This XL workshop consists of a three hour during program in which you will compete to one another, and the other teams who will be facing different challenges. 


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